Creative Direction and Animation: Abi Buller

3D Rendering: Sara Ogbanna Godfrey 

Finery Mood Rooms is an alternative retail experience, proposed as a response to fast-fashion trends, to encourage consumers to support a slower fashion experience. The concept is organised into 5 moods through which we may choose to shop. These are: Dance, Travel, Treat, Refresh, and Seriouswear. In order to realise this concept, I took a multi-disciplinary approach through the creation of a trailer presenting a walk-through visualisation of the rooms: Refresh and Treat. In addition to this, a concept proposal outlines the 'alternative retail' concept to Finery-including a customer journey, a visual questionnaire to lead customers to the space, and a physical takeaway to end the customer journey. Overall, it presents a new and experiential method of shopping and creating brand connections.