Foresight Writer at The Future Laboratory (2019 – Present)

Editorial Assistant at Canvas8 (2019 – 2020)

Freelance Contributor at Ladygunn (March 2020 – Present)

Current projects


Copywriting for Centric Fashion PLM

Artist coverage for Ladygunn magazine

Selected articles

Flat Age Beauty Market, May 2020 (LS:N Global)

Virtual Sanctuaries, May 2020 (LS:N Global)

Socially Distant Dating, April 2020 (LS:N Global)

Flat Age Fitness, April 2020 (LS:N Global)


The Productivity Paradox of Self-Isolation, April 2020 (The Future Laboratory)

Skincare Minimalism, March 2020 (LS:N Global)

Romance Travel Reignited, February 2020 (LS:N Global)

LCF x YNAP Hackathon, February 2020 (The Future Laboratory) 

Latir's 'Wallflower', March 2020 (Ladygunn)

Nicole Kiki Jaffe's 'It Felt Like Coming Home', March 2020 (Ladygunn)

Chris Will's 'Pyro', March 2020 (Ladygunn)

Dazed Spa: Digital Wellbeing For Wellness Lovers, January 2020 (Canvas8) 

How Do Women Want To Be Spoken To Post-Surgery?, January 2020 (Canvas8) 

Can Second-Hand Fashion Still Feel Luxurious?, November 2019 (Canvas8)

How Have Apps Changed The Way We Date?, October 2019 (Canvas8)

How Can Men Be Encouraged To Chat About Health, November 2019 (Canvas8) 

How a Spotty Dress Became an Online Moment, November 2019 (Canvas8) 

W Concept: Curated K Fashion For American Shoppers, August 2019 (Canvas8)

How is the Fashion Industry Going Virtual, April 2019 (Canvas8) 


Glow Bar: A Quick Fix For Accessible Wellness, March 2019 (Canvas8)


Why China is the Best Destination for your Summer Abroad, November 2018 (Adventure China UK) 


How is your Online Reputation?, October 2018 (Revain


The Fashion Taboo, June 2018 (Pigeons & Peacocks in print)


Establishing a Sense of Self in URL Utopia May 2018 (Shape Shift Report)


The Now Gallery Presents: Harmonics in Space by Fred Butler, April 2018 (Shape Shift Report)  


Technology and the Ever Changing Desires of Consumers, March 2018 (Shape Shift Report)


Super Sharp exhibition review, February 2018 (The Fashion Studies Journal)

Super Sharp exhibition review, February 2018 (PYLOT)

Charles Jeffrey at NOW Gallery, February 2018 (Address)

Posturing: Photographing the Body in Fashion, 2017 (Address) 

Sijiagou, 2017 (PYLOT)

Posturing: Photographing the Body in Fashion, 2017 (PYLOT)

Citadel, 2017 (PYLOT)

Hayley Cherkas, 2017 (PYLOT)